CrossFit Marauder II & Well-Fit

At CrossFit Marauder II & Well-Fit our main focus is to empower as many people that walk through our doors on the best fitness practices promoting health and longevity. We will provide the very tools you need to make a change in your life both physically and mentally. We welcome all walks of life no matter what age or limitation, we will have a fitness program for you! Our programs cater to everyone from the experienced athlete to the master level over 60. Together we will help you reach your goals!

Our Core Values:


We believe success begins with the commitment you make to yourself


We are committed to providing the best fitness programs to our clients and community


We provide the tools needed to educate our clients on health and longevity


We believe in persistence and consistency in all we do


We are here to empower our clients on improving their quality of life

Why are we different?:

We are not a one size fits all fitness facility; we have multiple program offerings to fit every customer who walks through our doors.
Our fitness programs have purpose and progression.
Our trainers have diverse backgrounds, and are experienced and educated to help you get the results you have been longing for.
Our facility has all the amenities needed to provide comfort and convenience.
We are attentive to our customers and want to fulfill their expectations.

CrossFit Marauder II & Well-Fit
12A Mica Ln, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481
(781) 235-2212
[email protected]
[email protected]

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